Things that money has cost us what we do

5 Jan 2010

There are somethings that money has cost us what we do, not paying attention, here are some of them :

  1. Credit Card: Make sure you want to get the best rates and deal, stop paying more. If you do not receive a change in fair agreement for another company.
  2. Debit Card: If you pay by debit card please be sure to write down the amount so you know what they have in you account, and will not pay for rejecting controls. It also makes it easier to track your money.
  3. Ingnoring bank charges: Make sure you know what your bank is charging and try another bank that will not charge their office or not.
  4. Investing in the right things: Create a weekly to-do list of your financial decisions (saving and spending) and then prioritized in terms of bang-for-the-buck over time.
  5. Expenditure, without goals: if the money spent, but don `t why and where you need to pay attention to your spending habits and change them if necessary. Don `t waste your money.
  6. Track spending: knowing exactly where your money is going.
  7. Exercise: think this will help my finances, you notice that when you exercise to reduce your medical bills, so get moving and get a healthy lifestyle.

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