How to be Better Investor?

8 Jan 2010

Sometimes we make decisions regarding our poor investment. That `s why we keep making the same mistakes: to involve our emotions.

Here are some common mistakes that we do: 

  1. Greed: Many people can resist the temptation that `s why it is important to have a different account for investment.
  2. Pride, we tend to let the pride of ownership inflate the value of our investments. Like all parents think that your child is the most beautiful, but that is not always the case.
  3. Lust: we tend to jump in when we heard some news, but perhaps it is better not to react so fast, because you can save time and dollars.
  4. Envy: the tendency to want what other investors can lead you to chase stocks or mutual funds, with yields more recent, but it may be a losing strategy.
  5. Rabies: The most damaging mistake that we can do is to make the investment decision, because we are angry. It is better to focus on its portfolio `s best goals of individual investments.
  6. Sloth: you must always watch your investments from scratch, it doesn `t matter if you don` t like something. It `s an issue of intellectual assessment.
The best advice you can receive is to know what you're doing, don `t do business or invest personally like any other work without any emotion.

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